GermPro offers online training to certify you and/or your staff as GermPro Certified Disinfection Professionals. Curated by industry experts with decades of experience, this course will educate you on the proper steps needed to disinfect correctly and keep your business and facility safe and germ-free.

You can purchase our course on this page. Within 24 hours of purchasing you will receive an email with a link and credentials.
The price of the course is $99.

If you need over 10 licenses, please call us for special deals.

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There are lots of companies making false and misleading claims about the effectiveness of their disinfectants and how to operate disinfectant sprayers. Eliminating viruses, bacteria and other germs requires both an understanding of safety measures and the technology.

The GermPro course will ensure you and your staff are knowledgeable of both germs and the handling of your sprayer. Our goal is to prepare you to function effectively as an infection prevention specialist.

Certification Plaque


  • Be Knowledgeable About Infection Prevention and Control
  • Understand Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols
  • Professional Cleaner Who Has Met the Basic Requirements for Proper Surface Disinfection
  • Aware of the Changing Environment of New and Emerging Diseases
  • Know the Difference Between Sanitizers and Disinfectants
  • Know the Importance Of Pre-Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • The Different Types of Germs
  • How Germs Are Transmitted
  • What the Common Touch Points of Transmission Are
  • Myths and Facts of Disinfectants
  • What Role the CDC Plays
  • Universal Precautions
  • Types of PPE to Use
  • Equipment Safety


After you have completed our GP course, you will have the knowledge you’ll need for customers to feel confident their location or business is a germ-free environment. Certified individuals demonstrate their commitment to the health of the people they serve.

With GermPro, a global leader in disinfection, you will always have our industry experts to help ensure training safety, Infection Prevention Control protocols rooted in the CDC guidelines, and knowledge of EPA regulations.

Providing peace of mind will be your secret weapon.