Frequently Asked Questions



What does it mean to become GermPro certified?
What is the Certification Process?
What is a Germ?
What is a Virus?
What is Bacteria?
What is a Fungus?
What is a Norovirus?
What is the definition of PPE?
What are considered Touch Points for germ entry?
What does our system eliminate?
Where are your products made?


Why our Disinfectants?
What’s the Difference Between Sanitizers & Disinfectants?
Why can’t I use bleach?
What is the average cost to have a service company provide disinfection service?
What does it mean to be EPA registered?


Is the product safe to use on all surfaces?
Can I use it on electronics?
Do you have to wipe/rinse after using?
How long does it last after application?
How fast does it dry/when can surfaces be used?
Is it allergenic/will it cause irritation to eyes, skin or lungs?
What is the dilution ratio for VitalOxide?


Is it safe?
What germs does it kill?
Do I have to mix Bioesque with water?
How do you apply it?
How long does it last after application?
Once it’s opened, how long is it good for?
Can I use this as a mister to spray down chairs and other areas?
Can it be used in automobile interiors?