How businesses can adjust to the ‘new normal’ of post COVID-19 operation

All across the world, cities, communities, and businesses are beginning to open up after months of social distancing restrictions – but one thing is clear: The world will never be the same again.

After reopening your business post COVID-19, get your customers back with confidence.

As a business owner, you’re no doubt now facing an uncertain ‘new normal’. You're recovering economically from months of restrictions, but also bear the additional responsibility of ensuring that your customers, staff, and suppliers are protected from the ongoing threat of COVID-19 -- which will continue to cause infections, hospitalizations, and deaths.

The opportunity, though, is that in addition to being good for society, adopting strict new disinfection protocols can also good for business. While certain states are already allowing hotels, restaurants, gyms, and bars to reopen, people remain concerned about exposing themselves or their loved ones to infection. This means your business has the opportunity to stand apart by prioritizing your commitment to ensuring customer safety.

You may be wondering about the options available to safely, affordably, and effectively disinfect your place of business? We’ve got the answers to your most pressing concerns.

How can I disinfect my place of business, and keep my customers safe?

One of customers' biggest concerns is whether or not a business is adopting disinfection measures that will keep them and their families safe.

You have a number of options when it comes to providing this reassurance to your customers.

There are many different companies that offer to come in and disinfect your business – with an average cost of between $0.12 and $0.50 per square foot, depending on the overall size of the area being disinfected. If you are interested in hiring a GermPro-certified cleaner, please contact us for more information.

However, because it’s important to regularly disinfect your business, this can soon become prohibitively expensive. In addition, you’ll have to trust that the company you hire is living up to the standards you and your customers expect.

This is why many business owners like the idea of doing it themselves – but how do you even begin to do that?

Steve Barron, a first responder and a veteran business builder, and Ronn Seamon, a 20+ year pest and disease prevention professional, recognized the challenges business owners will face reopening in the face of COVID-19. In response, they created an industry-leading, science-backed, complete disinfection system to ensure the safety of customers, staff, and suppliers: GermPro.

GermPro makes it easy – helping you get the equipment, training, and process down quickly to seamlessly add regular disinfection to your existing business practices. It’s fast, efficient, and can pay for itself within as little as three weeks.

  1. The first step is to reach out to GermPro and talk to our customer service experts about which of our product kits is right for you. The individual demands of each business might differ, but when you do business with GermPro, you know you’re getting everything you need to disinfect your business right out of the box.

  2. Next, log in and complete our GermPro Certification course. Designed by Ronn Seamon and backed by the latest science, this course teaches anybody responsible for disinfecting your business how to quickly, efficiently, and effectively use our GermPro products to eliminate COVID-19 and other sources of infection.

  3. Finally, integrate regular disinfection into the way you and your employees run your business – making it a seamless a part of the daily routine.

With GermPro, you not only get the complete solution for effectively and safely disinfecting your business, but also proven certification that you can show to your customers to ease their mind and let them know how seriously you take their safety.

What makes GermPro different from competitors' products?

GermPro stands apart from competitors’ products for a number of reasons – not least of which is the convenience and reassurance of getting everything you need in a single purchase.

At the heart of each complete disinfection system is OxiGerm disinfectant – an EPA-registered liquid disinfectant that kills 99.999% of bacteria on contact, plus viruses including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 and other emerging infectious diseases and pathogens.

OxiGerm is incredibly effective – but is non-flammable, contains no harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and is safe to use on food-contact surfaces without rinsing.

Our Product Kits come with a choice of application systems designed to suit your specific needs. Our Decon Handheld D-H200 Disinfection Spray Kit comes complete with an ES Sprayer – the same cordless electrostatic sprayer used by first responders to quickly and effectively disinfect their uniforms, equipment, and vehicles.

 We also offer the pull-the-trigger convenience of an 8-ounce electrostatic sprayer, a backpack-based applicator that can disinfect an entire room in seconds, or a kit including the Electrostatic Fogger which can deliver continuous, automatic disinfectant applications throughout the day.

Every kit we sell also comes complete with full a full set of PPE (personal protection equipment), to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination in a confirmed COVID location. Additionally, we provide instant access to an online GermPro accredited certification course which can offer your customers proof that you not only utilize the best equipment and most effective disinfectants, but you also train your staff to use them safely and effectively.

With GermPro, you have the reassurance that your business gets everything it needs to deliver on the promise of protecting customers and that the disinfectants and products we supply meet EPA criteria to be considered effective against SARS COV-2.

Why should I use GermPro, instead of hiring a professional?

Many appreciate the opportunity to buy a complete package from GermPro which allows them to take responsibility for cleaning and disinfecting their business themselves. This empowers business owners like you to save money, ensure the job gets done, and have the flexibility to clean and disinfect your place of business on your own schedule.

By partnering with GermPro, you’ll get the reassurance of knowing that the equipment and disinfectants you rely on are the best available – developed by leaders in the pesticide and germicide industry with decades of experience, rather than existing systems adapted quickly to cater to consumer demand.

As a GermPro customer, you’ll also get something you can’t buy off the shelf – the wisdom that Steve, Ronn, and their team bring to these challenging times. Read more about the founders of GermPro here.

When you buy a GermPro complete disinfection system, you’ll also have access to their wealth of knowledge. Our customer service team will be on hand to walk you through frequently asked questions and help make sure your GermPro systems are being used correctly and delivering the protection your customers expect and demand.

We’re Here to Help You Open Your Business Quickly and Safely

Because we’re in such uncharted territory, GermPro understands that it’s more important than ever to work hand-in-hand with businesses like yours to help meet your needs. Unlike competitors, we want to hear from customers like you, so we can serve you better. In fact, right now you can help us deliver more for you by completing this survey. You’ll get 10% off your first order just for sharing your opinions and needs with us.

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