As the COVID-19 Crisis Evolves, So Does GermPro

Despite ‘the new normal’ being commonly used to describe post-COVID-19 America, there’s nothing normal about the ongoing battle with the Coronavirus.

The data on SARS-CoV-2 virus is constantly evolving; and so are recommendations and standards about how to safely and effectively disinfect your business.

GermPro customers can be reassured knowing that they purchased more than just a complete disinfecting system from us. They also purchased access to a highly trained, educated, and proactive customer support force.

Moving Goalposts

For the first time in American history, we’re hearing about politicians and leaders trying to ‘save Christmas’ outside of the context of a Disney movie. In the face of rising COVID-19 infection rates, more and more states are declaring second lockdown measures to try and ‘flatten the curve’ before the holiday season begins; hoping to give retail and entertainment businesses some hope of economic recovery during the holidays.

With more and more businesses going under across the United States, the economic stakes have never been higher – yet compounding the issue for many business owners is how the goalposts keep moving; and the standards they need to meet to safely and effectively disinfect their place of business are constantly evolving in the wake of new data about the Coronavirus and how it spreads.

For example, as recently as October we discovered that the SARS-CoV-2 virus could remain viable on certain surfaces for as long as 28 days; far exceeding the 48 hours previously thought. This changes everything when it comes to disinfecting a customer-facing business, or protecting employees from the disease.

Businesses that invested in a GermPro complete disinfecting system, however, know the folks at GermPro have their back. In addition to the industry’s leading everything-you-need disinfecting systems, GermPro also has one of the most responsive, educated, and proactive customer support teams; and they’re on hand to help support GermPro customers as our understanding of the pandemic develops.

As new information about the Coronavirus is uncovered, the team at GermPro remain abreast of it – researching new ways to make our complete disinfecting systems more effective, and ensuring that our products, disinfectants, and GermPro Certification materials continue to meet and exceed the shifting standards.

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If customers ever have concerns, issues, or questions, our customer support team is available via email or telephone to answer them; and we also keep our customers informed with a regular newsletter. Likewise, our FAQ page is updated each time new, relevant information becomes available; and we post regular articles responding to the latest news stories, studies, and statistics about the spread of COVID-19.

All of this combines to keep us on the cutting edge of this brand-new industry; and has quickly seen GermPro become recognized as the authority on complete business disinfecting, and elevated our GermPro Certification to the point that it’s considered an industry standard by many of our customers.

The reason for our continued diligence isn’t just about good business – it’s about doing the right thing. Lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing impact all of us; and we’ve all got to do our part to support each other through the remainder of this pandemic.

Here at GermPro, we’re aware that you rely on our products and expertise to keep your employees and customers safe and protected. You’ve entrusted us with this responsibility, and it’s a responsibility we take seriously. We strive to offer the best disinfecting systems in the marketplace because we hope to see your businesses survive and thrive through this pandemic and beyond.

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